Sony vs Geohot

Alright so as most of you ALREADY know, Geohot and Sony have gone round and round in court and out. If you don’t know then be sure to check it out here! It seems that the latest drama involves Geohot’s computer hard drives (the court forced him to hand them over to Sony). Now the company in charge of handling …

iOS 4.3 WILL Be Jailbroken On Launch


iPhone security expert and hacker Stefan Esser believes that an untethered exploit for iOS 4.3 will drop after next weekend (after Apple has released iOS 4.3). Quote from @i0n1c – on Twitter:

2011 Leaked Macbook Pro Specs

A spec sheet and photos of soon-to-be-released Intel Sandy Bridge powered MacBook Pro line have been leaked. The new MacBook Pro will sport Light Peak technology, which Apple is said to be calling as Thunderbolt, an HD video camera (for FaceTime-HD calls), and more. Full specs: