Massive EA Sale Drops 55 Games To Only A Dollar

Earlier today, Electronic Arts started another massive sale featuring discounts of up to 90% off 55 of their most popular titles. Almost every one of their games were marked down to a dollar including many previously expensive iPad apps. If you are interested in buying any of these apps you should do so now before the prices go back up. For those who don’t have the money or want to save even more, consider using our sponsor FreeAppLife to get all these great deals completely free. Download the app on your iDevice by visiting and start earning points! Deadspace, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Shift 2,

You’ll Never Guess What Peculiar Sensor The iPhone 6 Is Rumored To Feature!

When looking deep into Xcode 6, 9To5Mac discovered an interesting new framework that hints towards the inclusion of a barometer in next-generation devices, the first of which most likely being the iPhone 6. A barometer is an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure, the information it obtains can be used to calculate altitude, air pressure, temperature and weather information and has been utilized in other smartphones.

Amazon’s New Fire Phone: Will Its 3D Capabilities Burn Competitors?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the company’s new smartphone dubbed “Fire Phone” (available for immediate pre-order) during a press conference today. The device features mediocre hardware which may allow it to compete in the currently aggressive smartphone market. Amazon’s access to massive amounts of data, in addition to their advanced cloud capabilities, really gives their new phone an advantage over competing devices – features such as unlimited cloud storage for photos, Mayday Support and Firefly showcase these capabilities. Mayday support allows Fire Phone users to instantly summon a video chat of a live customer support representative, device owners can then communicate with the

Get Your Texts And Tweets Ready: 250 New Emoji Announced!

Today, in an exciting (albeit relatively comical) announcement, the Unicode Consortium announced version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard. Okay, so what does that mean? In plain and simple terms: new emoji, 250 of the unique and expressive characters to be exact. Moving forward, the previously mentioned additions to the realm of emoticons and emoji may be implemented into future versions of iOS and Apple. A comprehensive list of the new characters can be found on Emojipedia and until the time of their potential future integration, get your texts and tweets ready!

YouTube Looking To Ban All Indie Music Artists?

Today, Google decided to take further advantage of their power by forcing all musicians on YouTube to sign a contract for their up-and-coming Music streaming service. They threatened any independent artist who refused to sign by not allowing them to upload any kind of video, regardless of the musicians viewership – this act demonstrates a lack of respect for their users and an abuse of power of the online video monopoly. This is not a surprise given that just last year YouTube leveraged all of their users, forcing them to sign up for Google+ to allow them access to the new

iOS 8 Beta 2 Released – How To Install iOS 8 Beta 2 Without Activation Errors

Today, over two weeks after having released the first beta iteration of iOS 8 to registered developers, Apple seeded iOS 8.0 beta 2. In today’s video on my secondary channel, I’ve highlighted how it’s “technically” possible to install the second beta on a device that isn’t enrolled in Apple’s Developer program. Things To Note When Installing iOS 8 Beta 2 If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s UDID isn’t registered, you won’t be able to connect to iTunes once iOS 8 beta 2 is installed. Only registered iOS Developers can legally download iOS 8.0 beta IPSWs. Activation errors may occur

Pacman, Palutena, and Mii Fighters Coming to Super Smash Brothers Wii U / 3DS

At E3 this year, a multitude of new updates to Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS were announced. The 3DS version finally received and official release date of 10/3/14, while the highly anticipated Wii U version is still slated to be released to public sometime this holiday season. To many people’s surprise, Nintendo decided to add Pacman as a newcomer! Check out the video below for more details. In addition to Pacman, Nintendo also looked for inspiration in their hit series Kid Icarus. From there, Super Smash Bros. developers decided to throw Palutena into the mix. Watch her intro video below for more

League Of Legends Summoner’s Rift Graphical Update

A few days ago, Riot games announced that they’re working on a graphical update for the main map of League Of Legends: Summers Rift, which took many by surprise. It’s been quite a while since the developers made such a drastic change and in light of that fact, the revised map is still far from complete. Riot states that the changes will be demoed in the public beta environment soon, which most likely means that we’ll see the changes in the main client within the coming weeks or months. While the main structure of the map is more or less the same, the graphics look quite