City of Titans, City of Heroes Reborn, Will Be The Best MMO Game Of 2015

City of Titans: the best game of 2015. Okay, that may sound a little ambitious and spark some controversy, especially considering there are still a few months left in the 2013 calendar year, let alone all of 2014. However, the upcoming game will certainly be one for the ages and will likely capture headlines across the blogosphere  from now until the release, due to its unique nature. Although a single sentence doesn’t do it justice (no pun intended), City of Titans is, in essence, the phoenix to rise from the ashes that were once City of Heroes and City of

Jailbreak Tech Info, A New Beginning

Today marks a bittersweet transition for me, as a website owner. On the heels of BestTechInfo’s recent aesthetic and performance overhaul that took place yesterday, on the 3rd, I’m both sad and excited to announce that BTI shall henceforth be known as Jailbreak Tech Info. In fact, the URL that you navigated to in your browser already reflects the change. When I look back on the creation of BestTechInfo, I’m instantly transported to a place of nostalgia, hence the “bitter” in my bittersweet state – it was my first real website. Aside from my YouTube channel, BestTechInfo was, and will

Apple Releases iOS 7, Download Now And Receive 200 New Features

Today, as revealed during last week’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C unveiling event, Apple released iOS 7 to the public. iDevice owners with either an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, 4th generation iPad, iPad mini or a 5th generation iPod touch can update to iOS 7 one of two ways. The first, and undoubtedly easiest method, is through Apple’s over-the-air update feature, which can be accessed via the Settings app – navigate to General, proceeded by Software Update.