TinyUmbrella for 6.1.2

TinyUmbrella Updated To Include Support For iOS 6.1.2

by Tanner Marshon February 27, 2013
Trailing behind Apple’s release of iOS 6.1.2, notcom updated TinyUmbrella to version 6.12.00 today for OS X and Windows-based computers alike. The latest version of the SHSH blob tool now supports the new 6.1.2 release and all versions of iOS 6, excluding the still-developer-exclusive beta version of iOS 6.1.3.

Jailbreak 6.1.3 untethered Evasi0n

iOS 6.1.3 Will Likely Patch The Evasi0n Jailbreak, New Untethered Solution In Development?

by Tanner Marshon February 25, 2013
According to a new report from Forbes that interviews one of the key member of the evad3rs, David Wang (more commonly known as planetbeing in the Jailbreak community), iOS 6.1.3 will likely patch the Untethered evasi0n iOS 6 through 6.1.2 Jailbreak. Following Apple’s recent developer release of iOS 6.1.3 beta 2, planetbeing tested the update’s […]


PS4 Specs, 6.1.2 Jailbreak 6.1.3 Beta, Google Glass Explorers, 2013 Hackintosh & More

by Tanner Marshon February 22, 2013
Welcome to the hundred-and-twenty-eighth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I discuss the new iOS 6.1.2 Untethered Jailbreak, iOS 6.1.3 beta 2, official PlayStation 4 specs from Sony, Google Glass Explorers, a 2013 Hackintosh build and more. 

Google Project Glass Demo

Google Glass Details, Giveaway And Real-World Applications Video

by Tanner Marshon February 22, 2013
Recently, The Verge published an in-depth written exposé on Google Glass: an advanced post-PC device that’s intended to be worn like glasses and interface with smartphones. Google Glass features a small HUD (heads-up display) that’s visible to the wearer and a built-in camera that’s used to record videos, take pictures and provide augmented reality experiences.

Sony PS4 Revealed Controller

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4: 8-Core CPU, 8GB Of RAM, Touch Controller And Much More

by Tanner Marshon February 21, 2013
Last night at 6:00 PM Eastern Time, after months of rumors and years of anticipation, Sony finally revealed official information pertaining to their next-generation gaming console: the PlayStation 4. What started out being referred to as Orbis was, for all intents and purposes, confirmed to be dubbed the PlayStation 4 during last night’s semi-unvieling of […]

iOS 6.1.3 Evasi0n Untethered Jailbreak

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.3 Beta 2, Evasi0n Jailbreak Patched?

by Tanner Marshon February 21, 2013
Today, two days after releasing iOS 6.1.2, Apple has seeded iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 to developers. Following the two recent priority iOS releases, 6.1.1 and 6.1.2, Apple has escalated the original 6.1.1 beta to iOS 6.1.3. Once iOS 6.1.1 was released exclusively for the iPhone 4S, it became immediately apparent that the firmware was rushed […]

jailbreak 6.1.2 evasi0n featured

How to Jailbreak 6.1.2 Untethered iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod touch & iPad Mini, 4,3,2

by Tanner Marshon February 19, 2013
Shortly after Apple released iOS 6.1.2 earlier today, the evad3rs released evasi0n v1.4 to Jailbreak the new firmware. The latest version of evasi0n can now successfully Jailbreak all iOS 6 firmwares, including 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1, 6.1.1 and, now, iOS 6.1.2! Like with older versions of evasi0n, 1.4 includes support for all iDevices – the […]

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 Apple

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.2, Evasi0n Jailbreak Left Un-Patched

by Tanner Marshon February 19, 2013
Today, following the recent release of the iPhone 4S-exclusive iOS 6.1.1 firmware, Apple has issued iOS 6.1.2 to the public. The new firmware is available for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models that can upgrade past iOS 6 and was released to correct an Exchange bug, as sources suggested last week. As seen above, […]