Apple Prepares To Release iOS 7.1.2 – Jailbreakers Take Note, This Is Important!

by Tanner Marshon June 22, 2014
Exactly one month ago, to the day, Apple released the company’s first update to iOS 7.1 in the form of the 7.1.1 installment to further improve the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID fingerprint sensor and to correct various minor bugs. Now, thirty days later, it seems as though Apple is on the precipice of releasing iOS 7.1.2 […]

iWatch UI Concept

New Images May Showcase Apple’s iWatch… Or At Least The Interface

by Tanner Marshon June 20, 2014
Following my coverage on Reuters’ report from yesterday that purposes not only the release timeframe for Apple’s highly rumored iWatch, but also the device’s purported features and a few of its sensors, I’ve decided to share a quick interface concept from a MacRumors forum member.

Free Paid iOS 7 apps

14 Paid iOS Apps That Are Free For A Limited Time: Fruit Ninja, Adobe’s Suite, Living Planet And More (6/20/14)

by Tanner Marshon June 20, 2014
Today, following our post from yesterday regarding Electronic Art’s “massive” sale, in which the company reduced the price of 55 games to a mere $0.99 each, I’ve decided to share a number of previously paid apps with our readers that have recently been made completely free!

Yo App Store App

App That Sends “Yo” Raises $1 Million, Tops App Charts And Is Full Of Exploits

by Adrian D'Ursoon June 20, 2014
Over the last few months the App Store has seen many interesting apps reaching the top of the charts, a new one being Yo. The simplified networking application allows users to send a message containing only the text “Yo” to anyone that you add on your personal network. That’s it. The app shares a colorful […]

iOS 8 beta 2 changelog

Is Apple Keeping Certain iOS 8 Features A Secret? iOS 8 Beta 2’s In-Depth Changelog

by Tanner Marshon June 19, 2014
Following iOS 8 beta 2′s recent release on Tuesday, it’s come to my attention that some are claiming Apple is keeping select features and changes in the latest beta “secret” from the public. So, is Apple purposefully hiding iOS 8 beta 2′s modifications from iDevice owners?

iWatch Concept Apple

iWatch Release Date And Features Just Revealed?

by Tanner Marshon June 19, 2014
It seems like every year new rumors propagate claiming that Apple will release their long-awaited iWatch. Following said rumors, WWDC and Apple’s iPhone and iPad unveiling events all seem to fly by without the purported iWatch in sight and the blogosphere continues to circulate the same stale rumors of an “upcoming iWatch”.

Screenshot 2014-06-19 05.57.15

Massive EA Sale Drops 55 Games To Only A Dollar

by Adrian D'Ursoon June 19, 2014
Earlier today, Electronic Arts started another massive sale featuring discounts of up to 90% off 55 of their most popular titles. Almost every one of their games were marked down to a dollar including many previously expensive iPad apps. If you are interested in buying any of these apps you should do so now before the prices go back […]

205 Emoji Revealed

Prepare Your Socially Inclined Thumbs: 250 New Emoji Revealed In Pictures!

by Tanner Marshon June 18, 2014
Ensuing yesterday’s report of the Unicode Consortium announcing the addition of 250 new emoji to the forthcoming Unicode Standard (7.0) update, Unicode has officially revealed the characters in a new PDF document.