Jailbreak 8.2 Beta And Upgrade From 8.1.3 – All iPhone, iPod And iPad Models


Today, in a surprising and rather peculiar move to celebrate the Chinese New Year, TaiG issued a new update to their utility of the same name, which doesn’t support iOS 8.1.3 (the latest public firmware), but instead iOS 8.2 beta 1 and beta 2 to preserve new exploits for future use. While it seems like a strange thing to do, this …

iOS 9 And 8.3 To Receive Public Beta Testing, Free Or Paid Program?

Jailbreak 8.3

In a quick report, ensuing Apple’s public beta program of OS X Yosemite over the summer and fall months of last year, 9to5Mac suggests that the company may initiate a similar effort to have the public put new iOS firmwares to the test. Earlier Today: Apple’s Electric Self-Driving Car And Release Rumors Explained! With iOS 8.2 already both in developer …

Apple’s Electric Self-Driving Car And Release Rumors Explained! Will It Happen?

Apple EV Tesla Model X Car

With rumors pertaining to an Apple-branded, all-electric, autonomous (self-driving) car spreading like wildfire, I felt it was necessary to at least warrant said rumors by covering the topic. Up until this point, every sort of imaginable conjecture pertaining to such a product have been circulating, including those from executives at current car manufacturing companies.

Top 10 iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks 8.1.2 Jailbreak Pre iOS 8.1.3 [Part 2]

Top iOS 8 Tweaks 8.1.3

Today, following the somewhat recent onslaught that was iOS 8.1.3’s release late last month, effectively patching the TaiG Untethered Jailbreak, I’ve opened to issue part two of my all-new list of Best Free Cydia Tweaks for my readers and viewers. Thankfully, although the latest firmware isn’t currently able to be Jailbroken, developers on the scene have had ample opportunity to …

You’ll Never Guess Which Apple Product Could Get Touch ID Next!

Touch ID Mac Pro MacBook

Touch ID has arguably become one of the fastest adopted new Apple technologies, first introduced in fall of 2013 when Apple released their iPhone 5s, the fingerprint scanner has extended to both Apple’s latest iPhone (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) and iPad (iPad Air 2 and Mini 3) models. However, something is still missing – Touch ID has yet to …

iOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak 8.2, 8.3 Explained, iOS 9 Leaked? iPhone 6S Rumors, iOS 8.4


Welcome to the two-hundredth-and-twenty-first episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I discuss the legality of Jailbreaking in 2015, the potential of an iOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus rumors, the Apple Watch release date, Apple’s impressive sales as of late and more.

iOS 9 And iOS 8.4 Release Details, Leaked Features? Rumors And More!

iOS 9 features Leaked

Earlier this week, preceding the release of iOS 8.3 beta 1, rumors began propagating around the Apple blogosphere that suggested the company is not only actively testing iOS 8.4, but also the far-off iOS 9 firmware – likely slated for summer and fall releases, respectively.