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Drastic Apple Executive Restructuring: Forstall’s Departure And More

by Tanner Marshon October 30, 2012
Yesterday, Apple published a rather shocking press release, which addressed a drastic restructuring of executive personnel. The most notable change is the immediate termination of Apple’s former retail chief, John Browett, and an upcoming 2013 termination of Scott Forstall: former senior vice president of iOS software. To compensate for the loss of both Browett and […]


Apple Sells Out Of Both iPad Mini And 4th Generation iPad Pre-Order Stock

by Tanner Marshon October 29, 2012
Within minutes of availability, Apple sold out of initial white iPad mini pre-order stock early Friday morning. However, Apple’s online store has consistently maintained launch day shipping estimates for both back iPad mini models and all Wi-Fi 4th Generation iPad models. Inventory started to slip first for the 16GB black Wi-Fi iPad mini models on […]


iPad Jailbreaking Illegal, iOS 6.0.1 And 6.1, iPad Mini, iPad 4 And More

by Tanner Marshon October 26, 2012
Welcome to the hundred-and-eleventh episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I discuss the status of the legality of Jailbreaking, iOS 6.0.1 and 6.1, the iPad mini and 4th generation iPad and more.

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Apple Quickly Selling Out Of Initial iPad Mini Pre-Order Stock

by Tanner Marshon October 26, 2012
Early this morning, at 12am Pacific time (1pm Eastern), Apple started taking pre-orders for the brand new iPad mini and 4th Generation iPad. Less than 20 minutes after pre-orders started, the shipping dates for the white Wi-Fi iPad mini models were pushed back to “2 weeks” instead of stating that the device will be delivered […]

Jailbreaking and Unlocking illegal DMCA

Jailbreaking The iPad And Unlocking Are Now Considered Illegal Under The DMCA

by Tanner Marshon October 25, 2012
The DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act encompasses the legality of the circumvention of digital devices and their software. Since Congress passed the DMCA in 1998, the Librarian of Congress (the head of the Library of Congress, who’s appointed by the President) can grant exemptions to the DMCA. Since 2010, the act has expectedly stated […]

Jailbreak Fusion Drive information iMac Mac mini

Apple’s Fusion Drive: Advantages And Limitations Detailed

by Tanner Marshon October 25, 2012
In addition to announcing the brand new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and refreshing both their iMac and Mac mini models during the October 23rd media event, Apple also revealed a new option for their desktop computers: the Fusion Drive. While Phil Schiller only briefly explained the technology behind Apple’s fusion drive, more information can be […]


New Apple iPad Mini Tablet Giveaway

by Tanner Marshon October 23, 2012
After concluding my Amazon Kindle Fire giveaway, I’ve decided to put together a new giveaway in collaboration with l3gitjailbr3aks. With today’s announcement of the all-new iPad mini, we thought it would be appropriate to give a new one away to one lucky viewer.


iPad Mini And 4th Gen iPad Overview And Features

by Tanner Marshon October 23, 2012
Today, during Apple’s October media event, they unveiled a new iPad mini and announced the 4th-generation iPad. This above video is a summary of the new iPads in less than two and a half minutes. The fourth-generation iPad is really more of a minor update than anything else. Featuring the same 9.7-inch Retina display with […]