Google mirroring to compete with AirPlay

Google Plans To Compete With Apple By Offering An Open AirPlay Alternative

by Tanner Marshon November 20, 2012
According to GigaOM, Google is looking into competing with Apple by introducing an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay feature. Google’s new wireless mirroring function would also serve as a successor of sorts to the current AirPlay alternative: DLNA, which offers similar capabilities.

iOS 7 Jailbreak confirmed

Jailbreak iOS 6, 6.0.1, A5, A5X, A6 And A6X Update: Jailbreaking Has A Future

by Tanner Marshon November 19, 2012
While most iOS devices owners who Jailbreak are only interested in Untethered Jailbreak utilities, they often forget about and/or devalue a type of Jailbreak that’s crucial for the community to thrive: tethered Jailbreaks. Although they’re a hassle in comparison to Untethered Jailbreak tools, due to the fact that a computer is required to fully reboot […]

10.9 OS X Maps app and Siri support

OS 10.9, Apple’s Next Version Of OS X, To Include Siri And Maps Integration?

by Tanner Marshon November 19, 2012
With Apple’s next version of OS X (10.9) presumably scheduled for a release sometime in 2013, it’s likely they’ll introduce additional features to the Mac platform that will assist to bridge the gap between iOS and OS X. According to a new article from 9to5Mac, early variations of 10.9 are reportedly displaying integration for both […]

Connect Wii U To Wifi Fix Errors

How To Fix Wii U Wi-Fi Router Errors (103-1001, 101-1002) And Connect To The Internet

by Tanner Marshon November 18, 2012
Today, Nintendo released their all-new Wii U. The new console has, unsurprisingly, sparked a fair amount of commotion and interest – primarily due to its intriguing, tablet-like controller with a 6.2-inch touchscreen display. Unfortunately, as I’m sure a countless number of enthusiastic Wii U owners have come to discover, can be rather difficult to connect […]

Apple Errors iMessage FaceTime

Experiencing iMessage And FaceTime Difficulties? You’re Not Alone

by Tanner Marshon November 18, 2012
Experiencing issues with iMessage and/or FaceTime? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Apple posted a brief acknowledgment notice regarding an issue that impacted several of the services on their official iCloud system status page.

114th jailbreak ready featured

Sn0wbreeze 6.0.1 Jailbreak, iPhone 5S Trial Production, iOS 6.1 Beta 2, Maps And More

by Tanner Marshon November 16, 2012
Welcome to the hundred-and-fourteenth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I discuss the newest iOS 6.0.1 Jailbreak utility, the forthcoming iPhone 5S, Apple’s iOS 6.1 beta, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and more.

iPhone 5 new Apple Maps

Google’s iOS Maps App Nearing Completion, Apple Improves Their Own Maps App

by Tanner Marshon November 15, 2012
Today, in a brief report, The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google is actively developing their standalone Google Maps app that’s intended for Apple’s iOS App Store. While a test version of the upcoming app was reportedly distributed, Google is continuing to improve their forthcoming mapping solution that’s set to rival Apple’s own in-house Maps […]


Did Samsung Really Increase Apple’s Price For iOS Device Chips By 20 Percent?

by Tanner Marshon November 14, 2012
Earlier this week, on Monday, MarketWatch posted an article, which sites Chosun Ilbo (a Korean newspaper) that claims Samsung has intentionally spiked prices for their A-series chips that power Apple’s iOS-based devices by 20 percent. ‘Samsung Electronics recently asked Apple for a significant price raise in (the mobile processor known as) application processor,’ the person […]