Apple Reportedly Testing ‘Touch On Display’ Technology For The iPhone 5S

iPhone 5 Release Date Touch On Display

As recently reported by The China Times, a popular Chinese news site, Apple may be planning to adopt screens that utilize “Touch on Display” technology for iPhone. The display panels are said to be in the testing phase at the moment and will hopefully be ready for implementation in their next-generation iPhone.

Next-Generation iPhone And iOS 7 References Uncovered By Developer

iPhone 5S and iOS 7 release date

According to a recent report from TheNextWeb, an iOS app developer came across something rather intriguing in their app logs: references to both iOS 7 and the next iPhone. Both the future firmware and the next-generation iPhone are far from release, as iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 were released just a few short months ago. However, it’s not uncommon …

Hackulous Shuts Down, Installous Piracy Source Removed From Cydia

Hackulous Installous Apptrackr Shut Down

Yesterday, only two days before January 1st, 2013, the leaders of a popular iOS piracy community, dubbed Hackulous, posted on their site that they’re shutting down. Following this newly announced closure, the official Installous Jailbreak utility that was used to install pirated apps has also been taken down. In removing all functionality from their site, Hackulous posted the following message: