PS4 (Orbis) Dev Kit Specifications Leaked: 8-Core CPU, 8GB Of RAM, Touch Controller And More

Sony PS4 specifications leaked

Earlier this week, we reported on the alleged technical specifications of the unannounced third-generation Xbox, the highlights of which include an 8-core processor, 8GB of RAM, Blu-ray disc reading capabilities and more. Yesterday, Kotaku (a popular gaming news site) publicized various details pertaining to, what is bound to be the Xbox 720’s natural rival, the fourth-generation PlayStation.

The leaked information comes straight from official Orbis (the codename given to the PlayStation 4) developer documents, which consist of more than 90 PDF files regarding the forthcoming console.

Currently, the official specifications for the PS4 remain unknown. That being said, the information that was leaked to Kotaku contains specifications for the PS4 (Orbis) development kits, which are current as of January, 2013. The Orbis kits are apparently equipped with 8GB of RAM, although there have been previous reports of the official PS4 offering a mere 4GB, 2.2GB of dedicated video memory, 4x Dual-Core AMD “Bulldozer” processor configuration (a total of 8 cores), four USB 3.0 ports, a Blu-ray drive, a built-in 160GB hard drive, along with standard HDMI and other various ports.

While some of the specifications found on the current PS4 developer kits could possibly make it to production models, others, like the hard drive, are bound to change.

PlayStation touch controller

As for the controller, the PlayStation 4 will likely be bundled with one that’s highly reminiscent of the current standard PS3 controller because developers are reportedly working with both Sixasix and DualShock 3 controllers. However, there’s said to be another, new controller that developers have access to, which may integrate a two-point, multi-touch pad to enhance the gaming experience and input.

As we approach E3 (the biggest yearly gaming convention), where both Microsoft and Sony are speculated to unveil their next major gaming consoles, stay tuned for complete coverage on both the Xbox 720 and the PS4.

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