Proposed iPhone 5 Logic Board Detailed Without Metal Shielding

Apple New iPhone 5 Leaked Logic BoardEarly last week, a credible user on a Chinese forum posted images of the alleged logic board for the next-generation iPhone. However, the two photos didn’t reveal much about the component, as a metal shielding was covering the bulk of the board.

Today, another Chinese site by the name of Sina publicized a set of photos that showcase what are allegedly iPhone 5 components. Included in the set are two semi-blurry pictures of the logic board, this time with the shielding removed.

Unfortunately, due to the poor picture quality and the fact that the component is apparently incomplete, a limited amount of information can be ascertained from these images.

The original report suggests that the logic board to be used in the next-generation iPhone will sport the same A5X “system-on-a-chip” that’s found in Apple’s new third-generation iPad. While the conclusion is undoubtedly hard to make based on the photos, the logic seems basic. Since the original iPad was released, both iPhone refresh have featured upgraded processors that were first integrated into the iPad. ¬†However, the internal configuration of the sixth-generation iPhone has yet to be officially announced or investigated. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and their upcoming iPhone unveiling event – rumored to be held on September 12th.