Retina iPad Mini Display Production Expected To Begin Next Month

Retina iPad miniAccording to a new report from CNET that cites NPD DisplaySearch analysts, Retina-quality displays for Apple’s next iPad mini should enter production either next month, or sometime in July. Interestingly, previous intel from the same firm indicated that a Retina iPad mini wouldn’t be released until as early as the first quarter of 2014, before redacting their initial analysis to suggest that a 2013 third quarter refresh is more realistic.

Furthermore, NPD DisplaySearch also states that the second-generation iPad mini should begin shipping sometime within the July to September quarter. Alternatively, other sources propose a solid launch date of later in the year to allow for more time between generations.

Additionally, Richard Shim from the same firm claims that LG Display (a current iPad mini display supplier) will continue and sustain their already prominent role in the production of displays for the iPad mini, including the next-generation device’s Retina display. However, Apple’s main competitor and unlikely supplier, Samsung, will remain out of the iPad mini display supply loop.

With LG reportedly filling the roll as Apple’s main supplier for display panels for the current iPad mini, AU Optronics also plays a part in production and is expected to maintain their position as Apple refreshes the device.

Unsurprisingly, Shim also purposed that the next generation iPad mini will adopt the same 2,048-by-1,536 Retina resolution as the full-sized iPad, while having a higher pixel density due to the iPad mini’s smaller 7.9-inch screen size. Maintaining the same resolutions across Apple’s size-differing iPad models is the only logic move, as it will allow developers to continue creating apps for a single screen size, effectively allowing for higher-quality applications.

Finally, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently mentioned in a earning conference call that Apple has a number of incredible products coming “in the fall and across all of 2014”. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple, WWDC 2013 and next-generation iOS devices.

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