Second-Generation, Retina iPad Mini Reportedly In Development

Retina iPad mini display

According to a new article from DoNews, a Chinese site, AU Optronics, Apple’s iPad mini display partner, has a screen in the works for the smaller iPad that features a resolution worthy of Apple’s “Retina” display title – surprise, surprise.

Unlike other iOS-based devices, it’s likely Apple will be able to adopt their trademarked Retina technology for their smaller iPad mini tablet without developing several non-Retina iPad mini generations.

A separate report from MENAFN suggests that it’s crucial for AU Optronics to make use of both indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO: a semiconducting material used in displays) and Gate IC on array (GOA) technologies to reach a Retina-worthy resolution in such a thin design.

It is said that ultrahigh resolution can not be developed without the technology of indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO), and the technology of Gate IC on array (GOA) is also indispensable since the next-generation iPad Mini will have an ultra-narrow frame. The technology of GOA helps save the room of IC on the rim and narrow the frame of the screen to the largest extent.

Speaking of the progress of the development of iPad Mini, AUO claimed that it had solved the problem of yield and there would be no light leak as existed before. The company would ship the products in large scale in the fourth quarter.

While both reports claim the pixel density of a Retina iPad mini display would be 497 pixels per inch (ppi), there’s a discrepancy between them. When comparing the pixel density of the supposed Retina iPad mini display to that of the full-sized iPad’s display, MENAFN states both the third and fourth generation iPads feature displays with 326 pixels per inch, whereas DoNews accurately lists the density as 264 ppi. Furthermore, unless major advancements are made in Apple’s Retina technology, the pixel density of a Retina iPad mini display would more closely match that of the iPhone’s display.┬áStay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and the inevitable Retina display iPad mini.

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