Rumor: Apple Investigating E-Ink/Video Hybrid Displays?

An interesting patent application, from Apple, was one of a hybrid e-Paper/Video iOS display.

Apple’s second “screen based patent” surprise of the day is all about Apple devising a next generation iPhone that would effectively offer a smart hybrid display. The patent outlines the fact that has the capability to switch between a standard LCD display and an e-Paper display. It’s so smart that the display could actually subdivide itself into quadrants that could intelligently switch display types depending on the content that the user is running.

E-Ink displays have been popular on early eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle. Now for those of you that don’t know, E-Ink displays are unbacklit high resolution displays that offer superior readability in direct sunlight. Amazon even ran TV ads promoting this feature over Apple’s iPad! Fans of E-Ink also claim the displays are less fatiguing on the eyes over long periods of reading.

Apple’s new research into a hybrid E-Ink/Video display is reminiscent of technology from 3Qi who also offers a dual-mode LCD screen that offers both reflective E-ink as well as a the traditional emissive video mode. When coupled with other recent Apple “screen based patent”, it looks like this next iPhone could and possibly will be the smartest smartphone yet!

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