Rumored Lower-Cost iPhone Said To Be The Opposite Of ‘Cheap’

Lower Cost iPhone is not CheapWith all the talk and rumors of a “cheaper” iPhone making an appearance alongside the iPhone 5S this fall, one major factor has yet to be discussed in detail: the price range for such a device. Analysts from J.P. Morgan stated last month that Apple will create the lower-cost iPhone as a “mid-end” smartphone, priced within the contract-free range of $350 to $400.

Today, in a new report, Macotakara highlights a pair of articles from the China Times that make mention of claims from Pegatron chairman T.H. Tung that affirm the previously suggested $350 to $400 price range. For those who may be wondering, Pegatron is an overseas assembly company that’s said to be the primary manufacturer for the low-cost iPhone, while Foxconn will continue focusing on Apple’s traditional iPhone line and, in turn, the iPhone 5S.

As stated in the first report from the China Times, Tung addressed the iPhone during a company shareholders meeting, explicitly sharing his concerns and disdain regarding reports that refer to the lower-cost iPhone as being “cheap” stating that the “price is still high”. Apparently, Tung feels that using the word “cheap” to describe the iPhone has a negative connotation, suggesting that the device won’t be as high-quality as its full-priced counterpart.

The second report quotes the chairman as saying that Pegatron’s factories are as busy as ever with nonstop production – the company has supposedly expanded its workforce rather significantly for the second half of this year, presumably to accommodate the low-cost iPhone. The China Time states that Pegatron is gearing up for large production and shipping orders of 13 to 15 million units during the third quarter of 2013 alone. With Apple expected to unveil both the lower-cost iPhone and the iPhone 5S this fall, stay tuned for complete coverage on rumors and reports surrounding the upcoming devices.