Samsung Belittles The iPhone 5 In A New Ad Campaign

Samsung Belittles The iPhone 5 In A New Ad CampaignYesterday, both CNet and BusinessInsider, publicized a new print ad that Samsung has started running today in national papers.

The not so cleverly titled “It doesn’t take a genius” ad not only blatantly mocks Apple’s in-store Genius Bar customer service model, but also touts their Galaxy S3 as being superior to Apple’s new iPhone 5.

The ad is split into two columns, which list specifications for both the S3 and the iPhone 5. At first glance, it’s immediately noticeable that the list for Samsung’s new flagship smartphone is considerably longer than the one intended for Apple’s iPhone – no doubt a marketing strategy to add allure to the S3.

However, certain features listed for Samsung’s smartphone, like Tilt to Zoom, Palm Swipe Capture, Turn Over To Mute and the bulk of the remaining features, are simply used as fillers to plump up the S3 side of the ad. Similarly, largely in favor of the S3, Samsung intentionally left out key features of the iPhone and iOS, like iCloud, FaceTime and superior build quality.

The entire ad, absurdity and all, is embedded below.

complete samsung iphone 5 ad

While this isn’t the first time Samsung has stooped to belittling its major competitor in hopes of peddling their products, their recent actions are starting to come across as desperate and petty. Could this new slanderous print campaign be fueled by Samsung’s recent contempt and dismay over the Apple patent case ruling, in which Samsung was required to pay Apple an excess of $1.05 billion for various infringements?

Stay tuned for additional coverage on Samsung, Apple and their disputes.

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