Samsung Executives ‘Reeling In Shock’ After Losing Legal War Against Apple

Samsung confused after losingYesterday, following the outcome of the Apple versus Samsung legal dispute, The Korea Times reported that the executives at Samsung are “reeling in shock” over the jury’s decision. While the company has already issued an official statement guaranteeing that they’ll abide by the ruling by paying Apple in excess of $1 billion for infringing on various patents held by Apple and for mimicking certain physical aspects of the iPhone, it’s still unclear as to how Samsung will handle the situation.

However, even though Samsung has yet to make any official announcements regarding their next move, it makes sense that they’ll attempt to appeal the case – but, their chances of success seem rather bleak. “It’s absolutely the worst scenario for us,” said one senior executive at Samsung.

Several executives, presumably joined by the individual who provided the above quote, reportedly held an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss the company’s future and how they plan to deal with the recent ruling. Today, Reuters reports that the CEO of Samsung, Kwon Oh-hyun didn’t attend said meeting – curious and peculiar behavior for an high-ranking board member or executive, let alone the CEO. It’s known that Kwon Oh-hyun took over as part of a series of promotions, and presumably firings, to bring fresh ideas and strategies to the company.

According to the report from Reuters, Kwon’s absence at yesterday’s meeting can be attributed to his efforts to maintain order and categorize the numerous patent and design disputes the company is facing.

It’s also noted that both Apple and Samsung are reportedly in the process of seeking alternate supply relations in an attempt to diversify and at least partially sever the mutual bond both companies rely on. According to a few statements given by Apple’s lawyers during the proceedings, Samsung accounts for approximately twenty-six percent of Apple’s allocated iPhone components overhead.

As of now, Samsung has revealed that they are to maintain a strict internal “firewall” between both their cellular and component supply operations for the foreseeable future. But, if the two companies succeed in becoming independent from one another, will they continue with the level of success they’ve both experienced over recent years? Stay tuned for complete coverage on both Apple and Samsung as we hopefully approach an intermission in the increasingly drawn out “patent war” that they’re engaged in.