Siri Has Been Ported To All iDevices Running iOS 5

A developer by the name of Jackoplane claims that he has successfully created a Siri port that will work on any iDevice that’s on iOS 5! Jackoplane’s port is also free of lag and can actually connect to Apple’s servers and come back with a response to your comments, remarks, questions and commands (unlike some other attempts we’ve seen).

Here’s a list of Jackoplane’s tweets:

In addition to actually creating a port, Jackoplane said that users will need to Jailbreak in order to get Siri on their iOS 5 device – users will either be able to get it from Cydia, or use NSFileManger. Which is easier said than done, NSFileManger isn’t for your average user, so hopefully it will be a fairly simple and straightforward process.

This could just be just publicity stunt, but supposedly Jackoplane will post a video “soon” of Siri working on an older iDevice running iOS 5 and then we’ll know for sure (they can’t release one now due to legal reasons). Stay tuned for more news related to Jackoplane and his Siri port!

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