Siri Has Been Ported To The iPhone 4! Well, Almost

9to5Mac has been working exclusively with developer Steven Troughton-Smith to port Siri (the personal assistant exclusively for the iPhone 4S) to the iPhone 4. A few days ago iH8sn0w and Gojohnnyboi informed us that Siri cannot work on older devices and, while that’s still partially true, Steven has made some pretty significant progress!

They were able to successfully install the iPhone 4S Springboard files onto the iPhone 4 which results in a fully functional Siri interface (as seen in the video below). Siri on the iPhone 4 can also recognize spoken commands for both the normal Siri view and the keyboard Dictation view. However, the issue right now is that Apple isn’t authenticating commands that they receive from the iPhone 4.

Here’s a video of their first attempt (without the proper GPU driver):

Here’s a video taken after the GPU was working properly with the correct driver:

9to5Mac said that they will continue to work closely with Steven on the Siri port and that they’ll keep us informed as things progress. Stay tuned for more updates on the Siri for iPhone 4 port!