Slightly Redesigned ‘iPad 3’ With An 8-Megapixel Camera Makes Its First Public Appearance

Today Apple Daily posted pictures of what they’re claiming is the next-generation iPad compared to the original iPad and the iPad 2. At first glance, the minor changes from the iPad 2’s design to that of the alleged next-generation iPad (presumably the “iPad 3”) aren’t easily noticeable.

However upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the supposed iPad 3’s edges are tapered more than the iPad 2’s and the overall size of the camera has increased. Apple Daily claims that the camera will be bigger on the iPad 3 because Apple will upgrade it to a higher-resolution 8 megapixel camera from the iPad 2’s iPod Touch-quality lens. managed to get a printed version of the publication that highlights the tapering more than the image above:

Even though we may think we have a pretty good understanding of the upgrades the iPad will receive with the release of Apple’s next-generation tablet, there could still be some unexpected surprises. Stay tuned for more news and rumors related to the iPad 3.