T-Mobile iPhone 4?

After years of being exclusivity with AT&T, Apple now looks forward to join hands with yet another carrier: T-Mobile (which is also AT&T now that I think about it)!. BGR has leaked a set of photos featuring an iPhone prototype to be sold with T-Mobile. The internal model is N94 while the one on Verizon is N92 and the standard GSM one is N90.

The phone that you’re seeing is running on a test version of iOS which has internal Apple apps on it like Radar and Apple’s employee directory app. This prototype looks slightly different than the retail white iPhone 4, pictures of which surfaced recently. We wondered like everyone else why would Apple release iPhone 4 now with T-Mobile? BGR has a good explanation to that. Apple is probably testing the T-Mobile-friendly radio with the iPhone 4 hardware for a potential future integration with another device. This may mean, this is a test done on a smaller number of T-Mobile users for the iPhone 5 release.

It may also be possible that this is an iPhone 5 wrapped up in the iPhone 4 shell, just like the Gary Powell’s iPhone but that’s less likely.

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