T-Mobile To Sell iPhone And iPad Models In 2013

T-Mobile To Sell iPhone And iPad Models In 2013

Earlier today, Engadget reported that Deutsche Telekom’s CEO, Rene Obermann, announced at the company’s analyst event that the United States division of T-Mobile will start selling iPhones and iPads in 2013.

Currently, of the four major US carriers, T-Mobile is the only one that doesn’t offer the iPhone. This is mostly due to deep-rooted incompatibilities between Apple’s hardware and T-Mobile cellular infrastructure.

However, the carrier has reportedly been working hard to add support for the frequencies  the iPhone and iPad utilize to acheive cellular connectivity. Moreover, T-Moible is also set to roll out their faster LTE service to customers in 2013, which will bring them up to speed with the other major service providers.

In addition to Deutsche Telekom posting their official press release regarding the matter, Apple has also confirmed to The Loop that the last major iPhone-less US carrier has worked a deal to carry the iPhone.

As of now, it’s not a matter of if, but when T-Mobile will start selling iPhone and iPad models – but, if I had to guess, I’d say it’ll be when Apple introduces their sixth-generation iPhone to the market. Stay tuned for additional coverage on Apple, T-Mobile and their new arrangement.