Apple Prepares Moscone Center For WWDC, ‘Where A Whole New World Is Developing’

Apple iOS 7 WWDC 2013

As pointed out today by 9to5Mac, Apple recently began decorating Moscone Center in anticipation of the company’s annual World Wide Developers Conference. Apple’s upcoming developer event will kick off next Monday with a keynote presentation, which will play host to the unveiling of both iOS 7 and the next major installment to OS X.

Apple’s App Store Surpasses 50 Billion Downloads, 20 Billion Projected For 2013

50 Billion Downloads App Store

Today, following their pre-announcment, Apple has revealed that the company’s App Store has officially passed an incredible milestone. Since the App Store’s inception in 2008, the iOS-exclusive app distribution platform has now served over 50 billion unique app downloads, excluding ““re-downloads and updates”. Only thirteen days ago, Apple announced that when the App Store reached 50 billion downloads, they company …

Apple’s App Store Will Pass 50 Billion Unique Downloads Within A Week

App Store Reaches 50 Billion Downloads

Earlier today, Apple placed a new pre-celebratory announcement on their site for the company’s next major milestone in App Store downloads. Within four months of announcing that the App Store had surpassed a mind-boggling 40 billion unique downloads, excluding “re-downloads and updates,” Apple is preparing to commemorate 50 billion total unique downloads with a new giveaway.

Unlocking Mobile Phones Will Become Illegal In The US This Weekend

Unlock Smartphones Illegal 2013

Following the announcement of recently added amendments to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in late October, Tech News Daily published a new report intended to remind readers that, as of this Saturday, the process of unlocking certain mobile phones will be considered “illegal”. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, unlocking enables customers to use their phones on alternate …

Apple’s App Store Passes 40 Billion Unique Downloads, Nearly 20 Billion In 2012 Alone

Apple App Store 40 Billion Unique Downloads

Today Apple announced that their App Store has reach another incredibly impressive and rather astonishing milestone since its launch in 2008. Surpassing over 40 billion unique downloads, excluding “re-downloads and updates”, nearly half of the App Store’s total downloads took place in 2012 alone – in March of 2012, the total downloads exceeded 25 billion.