NEW Amazon Kindle Fire Unboxing

This is my unboxing and overview video for the new Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon! To quickly summarize the device, it’s a small 7-inch tablet with an extremely low price tag of just $199 and it’s available now (you can pick one up here)

Sony Internet TV 3.1 Honeycomb Overview

This is my basic 3.1 Honeycomb overview for the Sony Internet TV and Google TV platform. The new update brings the ability to install apps with the Android Market, as well as a completely redesigned menu system and a customizable home screen.

Will You Buy Amazon’s New Kindle Fire Tablet?

buy amazon's kindle fire tablet

According to a skit by NBC, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire Tablet is “expected to sell well among parents who always buy the wrong thing”. It’s quite obvious that their saying the Kindle Fire is no match for the tablet industry’s standard: Apple’s iPad.

Amazon Announced Their New $199 Kindle Fire Android-Based Tablet


Today Amazon announced their new $199 Kindle Fire tablet along with the new Kindle for only $79 and the new Kindle Touch for either $99 or $149 (depending on 3G connectivity). The Kindle Fire is a 7″ tablet powered by a highly modified version of Android that seems more like a Kindle with extra features and a slick UI than …