iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Status: ASLR Has Been Bypassed, A Release Is Near


On Wednesday, April 18th pod2g, a very prominent iOS security expert among the Jailbreak community, revealed that he and the other hackers he’s collaborating with have discovered all the required exploits for a “new [and untethered] jailbreak”. Also, pod2g informed his followers that he was, “working on bypassing ASLR at boot up”.

Analyst Reveals Next-Generation iPhone Features: 4-Inch Display, 4G LTE And More

Apple iPhone New 5 6

Earlier today a report surfaced indicating that Apple has already begun internally seeding iPhones with next-generation components (mainly an A5X chip and 1GB of RAM) that are disguised with iPhone 4/4S casing. Building on the above rumor, based on the findings of an analyst and his recent trip to Asia, the next-generation iPhone will be exactly what Apple customers have …

How To Tether iPhone’s 3G Or 4G (HSPA+) Data Connection, No Jailbreak Required


While tethering (bridging or sharing a mobile device’s data connection with a computer) is typically looked down upon by carriers unless they can slap additional charges on that functionality, endusers are always looking for nonconventional ways to tether their mobile devices with their computers – especially iPhone users. To circumvent the strict tethering regulations that carriers put in place, most …