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iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Status: ASLR Has Been Bypassed, A Release Is Near

by Tanner Marshon April 20, 2012
On Wednesday, April 18th pod2g, a very prominent iOS security expert among the Jailbreak community, revealed that he and the other hackers he’s collaborating with have discovered all the required exploits for a “new [and untethered] jailbreak”. Also, pod2g informed his followers that he was, “working on bypassing ASLR at boot up”.

Apple iPhone New 5 6

Analyst Reveals Next-Generation iPhone Features: 4-Inch Display, 4G LTE And More

by Tanner Marshon April 9, 2012
Earlier today a report surfaced indicating that Apple has already begun internally seeding iPhones with next-generation components (mainly an A5X chip and 1GB of RAM) that are disguised with iPhone 4/4S casing. Building on the above rumor, based on the findings of an analyst and his recent trip to Asia, the next-generation iPhone will be […]

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Apple Is Testing An A5X-Powered iPhone With 1GB Of RAM And A New 5,1 iPod Touch

by Tanner Marshon April 9, 2012
According to 9to5Mac, Apple has started internally testing upgraded iPhone hardware that’s powered by an A5X variant – presumably similar to the iPad’s A5X chip, but underclocked to conserve power.


New iPad WiFi Issues: Apple Is Replacing And Investigating Faulty Units

by Tanner Marshon April 5, 2012
According to an internal AppleCare document, publicized by 9to5Mac, Apple is thoroughly investigating complaints pertaining to poor and unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity for some new iPads.


How To Tether iPhone’s 3G Or 4G (HSPA+) Data Connection, No Jailbreak Required

by Tanner Marshon March 10, 2012
While tethering (bridging or sharing a mobile device’s data connection with a computer) is typically looked down upon by carriers unless they can slap additional charges on that functionality, endusers are always looking for nonconventional ways to tether their mobile devices with their computers – especially iPhone users. To circumvent the strict tethering regulations that […]


Apple Releases iOS 5.1: Battery Life Improvements, Ability To Delete Picture From Photo Stream, Japanese Support For Siri And More

by Tanner Marshon March 7, 2012
Earlier today, after the unveiling event for the new iPad, Apple pushed out iOS 5.1. Aside from bringing Japanese language support to Siri, iOS 5.1 also allows users to delete photos from Photo Stream, it brings a redesigned camera app to the iPad, changes the “3G” indicator for the AT&T iPhone 4S to a “4G” […]

Apple Store 25 Billion Wheres My Water

The 25 Billionth App Downloaded From Apple’s App Store Was “Where’s My Water? Free”

by Tanner Marshon March 5, 2012
On Friday, March 2nd, Apple’s App Store officially past 25 billion apps downloads worldwide. Prior to reaching 25 billion downloads, Apple announced a contest in which the individual who downloads the 25 billionth app will receive a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

Apple Media Event March 7 San Francisco

Apple Prepares Yerba Buena Center For Next Week’s iPad 3 Unveiling

by Tanner Marshon March 2, 2012
According to MacStories, who posted pictures as proof, Apple has begun preparations for next week’s media event  at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco: where the next-generation iPad is rumored to be unveiled.