iPad 2 And iOS 5 Jailbreak Update

Recently, Comex and MuscleNerd had a conversation via twitter about the iPad 2 jailbreak or possibly the iOS 5 jailbreak in general. First, Comex said:

iPad 2 Air Mirroring Via Apple TV 2 Demo [VIDEO]

iOS 5 brings wireless mirroring from your iPad 2 to your TV via your Apple TV 2 – and yes, this does include the ability to play iPad games on your TV as well! Check out the video demo after the jump:

iPad 2 Jailbreak Update From p0sixninja


I’m sure most iPad 2 users are eagerly awaiting a Jailbreak – a couple of minutes ago, p0sixninja (one of the key Chronic Dev Team members), updated us via Twitter:

iOS 5 Can Be Jailbroken But i0nic’s Untethered Exploit Is Patched

In less than 24 hours after the initial release of iOS 5 beta 1, Musclenerd released pictures via Twitter that proved it can still be Jailbroken. However, along with the picture, he said that the exploit he used resulted in a tethered Jailbreak (which means every time you need to reboot your device, you must plug it into your computer …