Taiwanese Site Sued Months After Leaking Alleged iPad 3 Dock Connector


Last July, a Taiwanese site called Apple.pro leaked pictures of what they where claiming was an “iPad 3″ dock connector and ribbon cable (pictured above). Even though the dock connector doesn’t reveal much about the alleged iPad 3 it belongs to, Apple’s suppliers have certainly taken the leak seriously.

Retina iPad Images Discovered In iBooks 2 (iTunes U)

Apple iPad 3 Retina

Today’s release of iBooks 2 brought more than just digital textbooks, it also included references and images for a high-resolution (Retina) iPad with two times the iPad 2’s current resolution. Here’s a picture of the actual iPad @2x retina files (from 9to5Mac):

Apple Is Set To Rise Above HP As The Biggest PC Producer In The World

Apple HP iPhone iPad iPod Mac

Over the past few years it seems like Apple has stolen the spotlight from other technology companies with the releases of their popular PC and Post-PC products. However, despite Apple’s impressive sales figures, they just haven’t been able to overtake the biggest PC manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard) – until now!