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Amazing iPad 3 Concept

by Tanner Marshon July 18, 2011
Guilherme Schasiepen from MacMagazine came up with these amazing iPad 3/HD concept pictures.

iUsers Tweak Brings User Accounts To iPad

by Tanner Marshon July 14, 2011
iUsers is an amazing new Cydia tweak that will allow you to create multiple user accounts and set or restrict admin privileges for specific accounts. The new tweak is so sophisticated that it will even keep your application data specific to your account! You can download iUsers right now for free by adding this repo […]


iPad 3 Parts Leaked

by Tanner Marshon July 14, 2011, an Apple-based Taiwanese forum, leaked what looks like an iPad 3 or iPad HD part into the wild. The part is labeled with “821-1259-06″ and appears to be a dock connector with a ribbon cable attached to it. It’s interesting that this ribbon cable makes a 90-degree turn as opposed to the straight cable […]


Apple Is Set To Unveil iPad HD And Pro iOS Apps

by Tanner Doigon July 8, 2011
  The iPhone 5/4s is supposed to be released this fall and rumor has it that this is not the only thing Apple is planning to release. Some sources say that Apple is planning to bring another iPad to the table and if so, it would be dubbed the “iPad HD” or possibly the “iPad Pro”.


iPhone 5: A5 Processor, 8MP Camera And A September Release Date

by Tanner Marshon June 21, 2011
Bloomberg is backing up the rumors we’ve been hearing the past couple of moths about the fifth-generation iPhone. They claim it will be unveiled in September and feature Apple’s dual-core A5 processor, which is the same chip found in the iPad 2. The report also says that the “iPhone 5″ will bump up the camera quality from the previous 5MP camera […]


iOS 5 Beta Hints At iPhone 5 & iPad 3

by Tanner Marshon June 7, 2011
TUAW‘s sources have discovered references to new iDevices, specifically “iPad3,1″ and “iPad3,2″ as well as , “iPhone4,1″ and “iPhone4,2″ (Currently, the firmware for the iPhone 4 reefers to it as “iPhone3,1″ and “iPhone3,3″). It’s not unusual for people to stumble upon codes and names for new Apple products inside of iOS betas – it has […]