iPhone 4 Prototype On eBay


This is just insane – I came across this auction a while ago and I didn’t think much of it… Until now! This iPhone 4, which is listed as a “Genuine Prototype, Tester“, has gone up thousands of dollars in a matter of hours! The iPhone will still be up for auction for over 7 days, so expect the price …

iOS 5 Beta 2 Renders GEVEY SIM Ultra Useless


A couple days ago, I wrote a tutorial on how to unlock your iPhone 4 with any baseband from firmware 4.0-5.0 b1 using the GEVEY Ultra Sim. Well, according to veeence and MuscleNerd (two reliable sources), Apple’s new iOS 5.0 b2 closes the hole that the GEVEY Ultra Sim took advantage of:

Apple Will Bring 3rd Party Widgets To Notification Center


iOS 5 was introduced just weeks ago and with it came Notification Center! Up until now, everyone has assumed that Apple will be the only source for Notification Center widgets (there are currently two, Stocks and Weather). A recently uncovered patent filed by Apple in 2007 makes Apple’s intentions crystal clear:

Apple Granted Patent For Multitouch Displays


As most of you already know, Apple is the king of patents and is constantly filing new patents – well, Apple filed one back in 2007 that specifically relates to multitouch actions in a stationary application.

Apple Cuts iPhone 4 Production Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch


  If the reports are correct, then Apple has told its suppliers to manufacture fewer iPhone 4’s before the alleged Fall release of the next-gen iPhone. According to a source in the industry, suppliers have received “disappointing orders” from Apple: The Taiwan-based PCB companies, which are shipping products for iPads and iPhones, have seen disappointing orders for these devices in …

How To Permanently Unlock Your iPhone 4 With GEVEY Ultra SIM


GEVEY Ultra is a new sim that allows you to use your GSM iPhone 4 on any GSM carrier and it no longer requires you to dial the 112 emergency number! This method is compatible with iOS 4 – iOS 5 (the GEVEY SIM Ultra no longer works after iOS 5 b2 – click here to find out why) and …

Unlocked iPhone 4 Now Available


Today marks a new day, Apple will now sell unlocked GSM iPhones! While it may not be that big of a deal, it certainly marks the end of the exclusive AT&T only iPhone era here in the US.

iOS 5 Can Be Jailbroken But i0nic’s Untethered Exploit Is Patched

In less than 24 hours after the initial release of iOS 5 beta 1, Musclenerd released pictures via Twitter that proved it can still be Jailbroken. However, along with the picture, he said that the exploit he used resulted in a tethered Jailbreak (which means every time you need to reboot your device, you must plug it into your computer …