“Very Promising” iPhone 4S Unlock Is In The Works


Lately there’s been a lot of iOS-hacking related news, The Chronic Dev Team released a new tool to aid in the discovery of untethered exploits, The Pwn Dev Team released “Ac1dsn0w”, a Jailbreak Utility (which doesn’t work), and now this… The iPhone Dev Team claims to have a “very promising” iPhone 4S unlock in the works.

“What’s Smaller Than Apple?”: Infographic


With Apple’s recent domination in the mobile computing market, a good question to ask would be: “What’s smaller than Apple?” – the answer, practically everything! It turns out that Apple has generated more revenue in 2011 than the combined revenues for the 10 largest software companies in 2010, and Apple generated more revenue than the combined capital for both the …

Apple’s New iPad 2 Commercial: “Love”

Apple’s latest commercial involves the iPad 2 and people doing what they love with it – check it out above and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

iOS 5 Jailbreak Demonstration For The iPad 2 [VIDEO]


In addition to announcing the iPhone 4S Jailbreak early this morning, MuscleNerd also announced that they’re working on an iOS 5 Jailbreak for the iPad 2! He said that the completion of the iPad 2 Jailbreak isn’t as much of a priority as the iPhone 4S Jailbreak – however, he did upload a video (embedded below) that proves they’ve made …