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Apple iPhone 5 Concept

The iPhone 5 Will Be Released On October 14th [REPORT]

by Levi McCurdyon September 27, 2011
According to BGR, Friday, October 14th is the official release date for the highly anticipated iPhone 5 and its release will be preceded by the unveiling event on October 4th: Apple will launch its next-generation iPhone 5 in five initial markets on October 14th according to a new report from Macotakara. The site, which has a mixed […]


iPhone 5 Concept Art Based On Past Rumors

by Levi McCurdyon September 25, 2011
As we all eagerly await the arrivial of the iPhone 5 and 4S, the biggest question asked is: what will it look like? For the past year artist have been posting images of what they believe the iPhone 5 will look like and so far, nothing has been confirmed. And while we’re waiting for Apple’s […]


Apple’s iPod Touch 5G Will Be Released In October With Minor Changes

by Tanner Marshon September 20, 2011
The image above is thought to be a “leaked” white iPod Touch 5G digitizer on a iPod Touch 4G With all of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S related news and rumors over the past few months, the 5th generation iPod Touch hasn’t gotten much attention. Well today, we have some interesting iPod Touch related […]


Possible iPhone 5 Release Date Is Accidentally Revealed In An Interview

by Tanner Marshon September 13, 2011
Stéphane Richard (the CEO of Orange) said the following on a radio station: “If I believe what we heard, the iPhone will be released Oct. 15,”  immediately after he said that, he started backpedaling, “To date, no date is known for its commercial launch even though its production seems to have started in several echoes in […]

iPhone 5 Release Date, Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 In One, iPad 3 Battery, iPhone 5 For Sprint & More

by Tanner Marshon September 9, 2011
This is the forty-forth episode of my series titled “BestTechInfo And Rumors”! This series is all about providing current and up-to-date technology related news and rumors for all of my readers and viewers. In this episode I discuss the iPhone 5 release date, an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3 in one unit, the iPad […]


Another Report Points To A Sprint iPhone 5 Release In October

by Tanner Marshon September 9, 2011
SprintFeed has released an image (pictured above) of Sprint’s internal email system that shows a blackout, probably vacation related, from September 30th through October 15th.


Sprint Could Carry The iPhone 5 And Offer Unlimited Data Plans

by Tanner Marshon September 9, 2011
According to Bloomberg Sprint will be able to offer unlimited data plans to iPhone 5 users because, unlike AT&T and Verizon, Sprint’s network isn’t overloaded from current iPhone users:


A Picture Taken With The iPhone 5’s 8-Megapixel Camera Was Leaked

by Tanner Marshon September 7, 2011
PocketNow posted a picture (embedded above) that they believe was taken with the iPhone 5’s camera: This (very attractive) photo claims to have been taken by an iPhone 4, but the rest of its EXIF data tells a different story: although the image has been cropped to 2235×2291 (5.12 megapixels), the original picture was a much […]