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iWatch Rumors, 7.1.1 Jailbreak iPhone 5 Recall, iPhone 6 Leaked Plans & More

by Tanner Marshon April 26, 2014
Welcome to the hundred-and-eighty-ninth episode of my series entitledĀ BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I discuss new reports pertaining to Apple’s rumored iWatch, the new iOS 7.1.1 firmware and its Tethered Jailbreak, Apple’s iPhone 5 recall, iPhone 6 leaked antenna plans and more.

Leaked iPhone 6 Pieced Together

Apple’s iPhone 6 Pieced Together: Leaks, Rumors And Components

by Tanner Marshon April 16, 2014
Recently, there’s been no shortage of iPhone 6 “leaks” – new rumors propagate the web on a daily basis. With that said, remember that until Apple executives take the stage later this year (likely during the fall in San Francisco), absolutely nothing surrounding the mysterious and long-awaited device is confirmed and everything can change.

iPhone 6 Leaked Renderings

iPhone 6 Renderings From Leaked Schematics Detailed And Examined In-Depth

by Tanner Marshon April 8, 2014
Today, following last week’s alleged iPhone 6 component leak, which was said to have originated from Foxconn (one of Apple’s manufacturing partners), MacRumors has commissioned designer Ferry Passchier to create new renderings that embody an even older “leak”. At the tail end of March, a set of design drawings of what were claimed to be […]


iOS 8 And WWDC, iPhone 6 Leaked, Fire TV Unboxing Galaxy S5 Reviewed, GoT & More

by Tanner Marshon April 6, 2014
Welcome to the hundred-and-eighty-sixth episode of my series entitledĀ BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I discuss WWDC 2014, iOS 8 and the next Untethered Jailbreak, the latest iPhone 6 leak, Amazon’s Fire TV, the upcoming Android TV, Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Game of Thrones season 4 and more.


‘Leaked’ iPhone 6 Images From Apple’s Manufacturing Partner Suggest Significant Redesign

by Tanner Marshon March 31, 2014
Earlier this morning, a new set of images of what is reportedly the rear housing for Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 were leaked and began making its way across numerous blogs and sites. As with the last alleged iPhone 6 “leak,” which was eventually determined to have been faked, today’s gallery is of a substantially lower […]

Galaxy S5 specs vs iPhone 5S

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled Vs. iPhone 5S, Which Is Better, Is Samsung Streamlining?

by Tanner Marshon February 24, 2014
This morning, at approximately 11AM Pacific Time, Samsung revealed the company’s “Next Big Thing” at their annual press conference in Barcelona, Spain. That’s right, Samsung’s “Galaxy” smartphone line has received its yearly refresh; the company revealed its brand new Galaxy S5 flagship handset! Sure to be one of Android’s top-selling smartphones of 2014, the new […]

iPhone 6 Leaked Image

Could This Be The iPhone 6? Narrower Bezel, 4.7-inch Display And A New Design

by Tanner Marshon February 12, 2014
Earlier today, a set of images of what are allegedly iPhone 6 components were anonymously leaked to MacRumors. Unfortunately, as with years past, today’s latest leaked images are so clearly out of focus. However, the pictures certainly aren’t as low resolution as past leaks – it’s almost as if the pictures were taken by a […]

September 10 iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S To Be Unveiled September 10th At A Special Event

by Tanner Marshon August 11, 2013
Yesterday, according to AllThingsD (a site with a reputable track record for revealing dates on past Apple events), the next-generation iPhone will be revealed on September 10th. Although the date has been all but confirmed, it’s unclear whether Apple will also unveil their rumored lower-cost “iPhone 5C” smartphone and their fifth-generation iPad.