Apple To Pay $2.25 Million In A Settlement Over False Advertising iPad ‘4G’ Claims In Australia


According to The Australian, Apple has agreed to pay a $2.25 million settlement to rectify the misleading advertising dispute regarding the new iPad’s cellular capabilities. At the end of March, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said they were going after Apple due to the companies pseudo-claims and misleading advertising of ‘4G’ (LTE) cellular data capabilities in the country.

Qualcomm Cannot Meet The Demand For 4G LTE Chips, Next-Generation iPhone Could Be Delayed

Apple Qualcomm iPhone 5 4S

According to Reuters, Qualcomm, the company that supplies Apple with the 3G and LTE chips for iPhones and carrier-enabled iPads, is having “trou­ble meeting [the] demand” for 3G and 4G smartphone chips. The manufacturing shortage is said to extend to all smartphones that feature Qualcomm chips and supply constraints are expected to last throughout the rest of the year.