Siri Dictation To Arrive On Other Apple Devices, Starting With Macs?

Siri Dictation Apple iPad iOS

Siri and Dictation are presented as two of the iPhone 4S’ key selling points and certainly the most talked about features after both the unveiling and the release of Apple’s second newest iOS-based device. Moreover, when introducing the third-generation iPad, Apple highlighted Dictation (an aspect of Siri) as one of the six major changes and upgrades to entice customers to …

Apple Releases OS X Lion 10.7.4 Update

Mac 10.7.4 Apple Update OS X Lion

Today Apple seeded the fourth post-release Lion upgrade to the public: Mac OS X Update 10.7.4. The new update is available for immediate download and install via the Software Update option found in the Apple menu for all OS X-based computers running 10.7 or higher.

Intel Releases Upgraded Ivy Bridge Processors With 22-nm 3-D Tri-Gate Technology

Intel's Ivy Bridge CPU

Today, April 23rd, after months of hype, Intel has officially released the first processors in their new “Core” series: Ivy Bridge. The Ivy Bridge CPUs (or central processing units) are the first processors from Intel that utilize a 22-nm manufacturing procedure (expected to become and remain the new standard until 2013) and “Tri-Gate” technology: a 3-D transistor structure.