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Apple Starts Counting Down To 25 Billion App Downloads

by Tanner Marshon February 17, 2012
Even though Apple’s iOS App Store is only three and a half years old, they’re already preparing to celebrate the 25 billionth app downloaded.


Apple Reveals OS X Mountain Lion – Messages, Notification Center, AirPlay Mirroring, Game Center And More

by Tanner Marshon February 16, 2012
It’s only been seven months since Apple released OS X Lion and today, they’ve announced Mountain Lion: the next major OS X installment. While OS X Lion brought a few of the features from Apple’s “magical iPad” over to their computer OS, Mountain Lion is going to build upon that by borrowing even more features […]

camera iPad 3 leaked

Leaked Parts Suggest The iPad 3 Will Feature A Retina Display, A High-Res Camera And A Bigger Battery

by Tanner Marshon February 13, 2012
With the next-generation “iPad 3″ unveiling event rumored to take place sometime within the first week of March, it’s no wonder that images of leaked imaged of alleged iPad 3 parts are starting to appear online.

2012 MacBook Pro MacBook Air

Apple May Bring A MacBook Air-Like Design To The MacBook Pro Lineup

by Tanner Marshon February 10, 2012
According to AppleInsider’s sources familiar with Apple’s new designs,a new breed of Mac laptops that combines the portability of the MacBook Air lineup with the sheer power of their MacBook Pro lineup  will be released sometime this year:

Apple Mac Touch Screen

New Virtual Controls Patent From Apple Suggests They’re Looking Into Creating Touchscreen Macs

by Tanner Marshon February 3, 2012
According to PatentlyApple, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent filed by Apple that details a touchscreen desktop with new virtual controls. With the entire mobile smartphone and tablet market dominated by touchscreen devices, it makes sense that Apple would try to revolutionize the PC market with the introduction of a touchscreen Mac.

iOS Airport Utility Base Station Time Capsule

Apple Updates AirPort Utility With An iOS-Esque Look And Releases New Time Capsule And AirPort Base Station Firmware

by Tanner Marshon January 30, 2012
Today Apple released a firmware update for the Time Capsule and AirPort Base Station – the latest firmware for both networking devices is now 7.6.1:

Apple Quarter 1 Earnings 2012

Apple Has Broken All Previous Sales Records During This Holiday Quarter: 37.04M iPhones, 15.43M iPads And 5.2M Macs

by Tanner Marshon January 24, 2012
Earlier today Apple revealed their quarterly earnings –  they’ve broken all previous sales records across all product categories (except the iPod)! This quarter is the first time that iPad sales have surpassed 15 million and Mac sales have exceeded 5 million. Additionally, it was estimated that Apple would sell 30 million iPhone units this quarter […]

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Apple Is Set To Rise Above HP As The Biggest PC Producer In The World

by Tanner Marshon January 16, 2012
Over the past few years it seems like Apple has stolen the spotlight from other technology companies with the releases of their popular PC and Post-PC products. However, despite Apple’s impressive sales figures, they just haven’t been able to overtake the biggest PC manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard) – until now!