Apple Successfully Secures Domain Without WIPO Intervention

Apple secures domain

Last week, on the 6th of May, it was reported that Apple filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (or WIPO) with the intention of having the domain, turned over to the company. Until recently, has hosted a discussion forum pertaining to the next-generation iPhone for almost two years.

Apple Attempts To Acquire With A Claim To The WIPO


Since Apple’s fifth generation iPhone was dubbed the iPhone 4S, instead of receiving the widely accepted “iPhone 5″ title, there’s been some controversy regarding the name Apple will inevitably give to their upcoming sixth-generation handset. Will it be referred to as the “iPhone 5″, “iPhone 6″, will it follow suit after the “new iPad” and simply be the “new iPhone”, …

Proposed Next-Generation “iPhone 5″ Home Button Leaked And Available For Purchase

Apple iPhone 5 leaked home button

Images of the front (on the top) and the back (on the bottom) of the “leaked” buttons TVC-Mall, a China-based electronics parts retailer, now carries and sells what they’re claiming are “Home Button Key Repair Parts for [the] iPhone 5″. Available in both black and white, the proposed next-generation iPhone home buttons are slightly different than the home buttons that …

Qualcomm Cannot Meet The Demand For 4G LTE Chips, Next-Generation iPhone Could Be Delayed

Apple Qualcomm iPhone 5 4S

According to Reuters, Qualcomm, the company that supplies Apple with the 3G and LTE chips for iPhones and carrier-enabled iPads, is having “trou­ble meeting [the] demand” for 3G and 4G smartphone chips. The manufacturing shortage is said to extend to all smartphones that feature Qualcomm chips and supply constraints are expected to last throughout the rest of the year.

Will Apple Release A Next-Generation iPhone With Liquidmetal Technology In June?

iPhone 4S Teardown iPhone 5 Liquid Metal BestTechInfo iFixit

According to a new report from ETNews that cites “industry” sources, Apple may utilize liquid metal technology to produce a slimmer and lighter next-generation iPhone. In August of 2010, Apple acquired the rights to “amorphous metal alloys” from Liquidmetal Technologies. Shortly after Apple’s acquisition of the patent for the “amorphous metal alloys”, the company was reportedly found hiring engineers to …