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Amazon Reportedly Testing 4-5 Inch Displays For Their Rumored Smartphone

by Tanner Marshon July 11, 2012
Last week, it was reported that Amazon is in the design and development stages of having a smartphone created that will sell at a lower price point than the more popular devices. The company is said to take a similar approach to the one they used when setting the bar for the cheap tablet industry […]


Alleged Next-Generation iPhone ‘Engineering Sample’ Leaked

by Tanner Marshon July 10, 2012
According to GottaBeMobile, the above and below images are pictures of what they’re calling an “engineering sample” of the upcoming next-generation iPhone. While the design certainly isn’t new to the Apple rumors section of the blogosphere, GottaBeMobile claims that this is it: the official design of Apple’s 6th-generation iPhone.

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Leaked Alleged Next-Generation iPhone Casing Suggests Significant Design Changes

by Tanner Marshon May 29, 2012
According to 9to5Mac, who cites an unnamed source, if the images they received are “genuine”, ¬†Apple’s next-generation iPhone will have a completely different design from that of its processor’s. The most apparent and notable difference between the alleged iPhone backing and the one used on the current iPhone 4S is the middle section. In the […]

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Leaked Next-Generation Parts Suggest A 4-Inch iPod Touch Display

by Tanner Marshon May 22, 2012
Today, MacRumors received images from a source that are reportedly parts for the next-generation iOS-based devices. The piece that stands out most is an alleged front panel for the next-generation iPod Touch. The supplier claims that the display on Apple’s next iPod Touch will be vertically larger than that of its predecessors, measuring approximately 4.1 […]

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Will The Next-Generation iPhone Feature A 4-Inch Display? Two New Reports Back Up Rumors

by Tanner Marshon May 16, 2012
As rumored for some time now, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple placed orders for displays that are “at least 4 inches diagonally” – presumably for the next-generation iPhone. Apple’s current iPhone, and all previous models, have retained the introductory screen size of 3.5-inches. A larger display would not only appease the demands of […]

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Crytek Director: If Next-Generation Consoles Block Used Games, It ‘Would Be Absolutely Awesome’

by Tanner Marshon April 26, 2012
Crysis 2, the second major game installment in Crytek’s graphically-astounding Crysis franchise, generated $3 million in sales within four months, according to the game’s publisher, Electronic Arts (or EA). While sales for the title were certainly impressive, considering the crowded game-space it targets, profits could have been higher for both Crytek (the developers) and EA […]

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Will Apple Release A Next-Generation iPhone With Liquidmetal Technology In June?

by Tanner Marshon April 18, 2012
According to a new report from ETNews that cites “industry” sources, Apple may utilize liquid metal technology to produce a slimmer and lighter next-generation iPhone. In August of 2010, Apple acquired the rights to “amorphous metal alloys” from Liquidmetal Technologies. Shortly after Apple’s acquisition of the patent for the “amorphous metal alloys”, the company was […]

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Ctytek’s CryENGINE 3 Update Provides A Glimpse At The Future Of Gaming

by Tanner Marshon April 17, 2012
Gaming, a multibillion dollar industry, has started to see a shift recently. The majority of customers tend to favor quick and addictive mobile games over high quality and drawn out console games. Take for instance Apple’s new iPad, with a more advanced GPU (graphics processing unit) than current consoles and a higher resolution than 1080p […]