Apple Is Testing A 4G LTE Compatible iPhone


Smartphones have been equipped with 4G (LTE) components for some time now – needless to say, Apple has been reluctant to jump on the LTE bandwagon because the technology hasn’t been around long enough. Back in 2007, Apple made a similar move when they released the first iPhone with only Edge capabilities even though 3G was available. Proof has now …

Apple Increases Production Ahead Of The iPhone 5 Launch


According to Digitimes, Apple has increased their second half of 2011 iPhone orders from 50 million to 56 million units due to high demand! The 56 million units include the upcoming iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 (both GSM and CDMA models) as well as the iPhone 3GS – out of the total 56 million assorted iPhone order, approximately 25.5-26 million …

German Officials Seize iPhone 5s At An Airport


According to 9to5Mac, individuals were stopped at a German airport and officials confiscated iPhone 5s (or knockoff iPhones) from them on July 21st. It also appears that German officials are working with Apple to determine the origin and authenticity of the confiscated iPhone 5s. Here are the most important parts of the official article (via

Apple Will Unveil The iPhone 4S And iPhone 5 In September


Not too long ago, Digitimes reported that manufactures have already begun production for Apple’s next-generation iPhone – which will be unveiled in September and released in October. And now, Macotakara is suggesting that that a modified iPhone 4 (presumably dubbed the iPhone 4S) will be available during that timeframe.

Fake iPhone 5 Unboxing Makes Its Way To YouTube


Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the iPhone 5 – whether it’s related to specifications, availability, which carriers it will be on or its release date; I thought we’d seen it all. But, I couldn’t believe what I saw this morning, a fake (trust me you can TOTALLY tell) iPhone 5 unboxing that was probably created to …

Report Suggests Apple Has Ordered 10 Million iPhone 5 Units


According to “industry sources”, Apple has placed bulk orders for next-gerneration iPhones (we’re calling it the iPhone 5 until we know what the name is for sure). Apple plans to begin shipping for the iPhone 5 sometime in September (not October) as most sources predicted. The short report suggests that Apple hired Pegatron, a Taiwanese manufacturing company, to build 10 …

New Report Points To A Slim iPhone 5 With A 4.7 Inch Screen


We’ve heard a lot of rumors related to the iPhone 5 and it’s release date – some sources point to September while others point to October. But oddly enough, we haven’t heard much about a 4-inch iPhone 5 in quite a while; until now. According to an extremely accurate analyst, Shaw Wu, the iPhone 5 will change everything (again). He claims …

New Report Suggests The iPhone 5 Will Launch In October

As the Apple iPhone 5 rumors continue to grow, All Things D reporting today that the new iPhone will be released this October instead of September. This report contradicts all evidence suggesting a September release date. The report doesn’t rule out the possibility that Apple will announce the new phone some time in September, it just states that it won’t …