New 2011 MacBook Airs Revealed

Thanks to the same source that leaked the specs for the new Mac Minis to 9to5Mac, we now have more information on the 2011 MacBook Airs: UPDATE: Apple has released the new 2011 MacBook Air!

New 2011 Mac Mini Specs Leaked


According to one of 9to5Mac’s inside sources, the new Mac Minis will be equipped with a faster processor and a bigger hard drive: UPDATE: Apple has released the NEW 2011 Mac Mini!

OS X Lion’s Release Is Upon Us


According to anonymous sources, Apple will have employees working in their retail stores overnight (11pm – 7am local time) in order to install Lion on all of their Macs and to change the OS X marketing materials.

Apple Is Preparing To Release OS X Lion

Rumor has it that AppleCare representatives are being given Lion training ahead of its release. The new training course began sometime in the last two or three days and will finish early this week.

Some Developers Have Already Updated Their Apps For OS X Lion


We’re getting extremely close to seeing Apple release OS X Lion! A new piece of evidence that backs this up is the fact that some developers have already updated their Mac App Store apps to support new OS X  Lion-only features – WordCrashers is a good example of an app that has already been updated!