iSuppli’s iPhone 4S Teardown Reveals A High Component Cost


iSuppli’s iPhone 4S teardown reveals a BOM and manufacturing cost of $196 for the 16GB model, which is just $3 less than retail price with a two year contract! However, the 32GB and 64GB variants have a combined BOM and manufacturing cost of $215 and $254, and that’s where Apple is really making a profit. iSuppli’s report describes the iPhone …

Siri Has Been Ported To All iDevices Running iOS 5


A developer by the name of Jackoplane claims that he has successfully created a Siri port that will work on any iDevice that’s on iOS 5! Jackoplane’s port is also free of lag and can actually connect to Apple’s servers and come back with a response to your comments, remarks, questions and commands (unlike some other attempts we’ve seen). Here’s a list of …

iPhone 4S: Siri And Dictation Review


This is my in-depth Siri and Dictation review for the iPhone 4S. In this video I discuss the iPhone 4S’ “personal assistant”, and I also give examples of how to use Siri and Dictation. Keep in mind that this video only scratches the surface of Siri’s capabilities! Check out my review after the jump:

Siri Has Been Ported To The iPad 2! Well, Almost

After we found out that Siri could at least partially be ported to the iPhone 4 yesterday, a developer named Sonny Dickson informed the world via Twitter that he has brought Siri to the iPad 2. The photo in the tweet (pictured below) shows an iPad 2 in the General > Siri portion of the settings app. Sonny Dickson’s attempt …

Siri Has Been Ported To The iPhone 4! Well, Almost


9to5Mac has been working exclusively with developer Steven Troughton-Smith to port Siri (the personal assistant exclusively for the iPhone 4S) to the iPhone 4. A few days ago iH8sn0w and Gojohnnyboi informed us that Siri cannot work on older devices and, while that’s still partially true, Steven has made some pretty significant progress! They were able to successfully install the …

Some German Customers Have Already Received Their iPhone 4S


According to MacRumors, iPhone 4S pre-order units have started arriving to customers in Germany. In MacRumors’ report, they cite as a source and they received a picture (embedded above) from a lucky Apple customer in germany who has received their iPhone 4S days ahead of the device’s official launch!