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Steve Jobs: A Revolutionary Passes, iPhone 4S And Siri Details, iOS 5 GM & More

by Tanner Marshon October 7, 2011
This is the fifty-second episode of my series titled “BestTechInfo And Rumors”! This series is all about providing current and up-to-date technology related news and rumors. In this episode I discuss Steve Jobs, the iPhone 4S, Siri, iOS 5 GM and more! Links to the articles discussed in this episode:


Pre-Ordering Apple’s iPhone 4S: Everything You Need To Know

by Tanner Marshon October 6, 2011
Apple’s iPhone 4S will be available for pre-order tomorrow at 12:01 am Pacific Time – if you’re unfamiliar with the pre-order process, this post will tell you everything you need to know based on Apple’s past iPhone pre-orders.


It’s Been Confirmed, Siri Will Only Work On The iPhone 4S

by Tanner Marshon October 6, 2011
When Apple announced that the iPhone 4S will feature Siri, a new and very impressive personal assistant, people instantly started to wonder whether or not it could run on older iDevices. The short answer is no. However, iH8sn0w and Gojohnnyboi (two iOS hackers) looked into the matter further, they were able to test and verify […]


iPhone 4S Camera: In-Depth Overview And Photo Samples

by Tanner Marshon October 5, 2011
After Apple announced their upcoming iPhone 4S at yesterday’s October 4th event in Cupertino, a lot of people started to question whether or not the device’s camera was really as powerful as Apple had claimed. The short answer is yes, it’s everything Apple promised and then some: The iPhone 4S camera gives you 8 megapixels […]

New Apple Commercials: Introducing iPhone 4S, Siri And iCloud

by Tanner Marshon October 4, 2011
Apple posted the following videos on YouTube: “Introducing iPhone 4S”, “Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S” and “Introducing iCloud”. If you’re interested in watching them, I’ve embedded the first one above and the other two below.

Apple’s iPhone 4S: Everything You Need To Know Including Specifications

by Tanner Marshon October 4, 2011
Welcome to the iPhone 4S special recap episode of BestTechInfo And Rumors! If you’re looking for a full yet quick iPhone 4S summary, you’re at the right post. In this episode, I discuss everything from the iPhone 4S’ release date to the new Siri personal assistant exclusively for the iPhone 4S!


Apple Releases iOS 5 GM Ahead Of The iPhone 4S

by Tanner Marshon October 4, 2011
It’s no surprise that Apple would release iOS 5 GM (Gold Master) before October 14th, the iPhone 4S’ release date. For those of you that don’t know, Apple always seeds the GM version of their software before the actual release to filter out any and all remaining bugs that developers come across.

New Dragon Go! App: “Control Your Personal Universe”

by Tanner Marshon July 13, 2011
Nuance, the company behind the Siri personal assistant app, have just released Dragon Go! – this new app allows you to “control your personal universe with no boundaries – all with the power of your voice!”