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Upcoming Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3, Leaked iPhone 5S, iOS 7 Details, iPhone 5C Information & More

by Tanner Marshon August 31, 2013
Welcome to the hundred-and-fifty-fifth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I highlight all known details regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S, the soon-to-be-released iOS 7 firmware, the next Untethered Jailbreak, recent iPhone 5S leaks and more.


PS4 Specs, 6.1.2 Jailbreak 6.1.3 Beta, Google Glass Explorers, 2013 Hackintosh & More

by Tanner Marshon February 22, 2013
Welcome to the hundred-and-twenty-eighth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I discuss the new iOS 6.1.2 Untethered Jailbreak, iOS 6.1.3 beta 2, official PlayStation 4 specs from Sony, Google Glass Explorers, a 2013 Hackintosh build and more. 


Untethered Jailbreak To Come From Evad3rs, 4.7-inch iPhone, iPad 5, Apple Earnings & More

by Tanner Marshon January 25, 2013
Welcome to the hundred-and-twenty-fourth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors! In this episode I discuss a new Jailbreak ‘dream team’ dubbed Evad3rs, leaked PS4 and Xbox 720 specifications, an iPhone with a 4.7-inch display, leaked iPad 5 and iPhone 5S details and more. 

Durango Leaked Xbox 720 Specs

Xbox 720 Specifications Leaked: 8-Core Processor, 8GB Of RAM, Blu-ray And More

by Tanner Marshon January 21, 2013
Following last week’s rather vague technical capabilities leak for both Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation gaming consoles, VGLeaks has just publicized what appears to be detailed specifications for the next Xbox. Promising to unveil details on the fourth PlayStation (codenamed Orbis) in the weeks to come, VGLeaks has already released what they believe to be accurate […]


Google’s Quad-Core Nexus 7 Tablet Is Here: Specifications Revealed

by Tanner Marshon June 27, 2012
Today, at the keynote presentation during Google’s annual I/O conference, the search engine and mobile operating system giant unveiled a new Google-branded Nexus tablet. While primarily aimed to compete with Apple’s iPad, the most popular tablet in the industry, Google’s Nexus tablet may push other Android-based tablets out of consumers’ minds by becoming the main […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Will Microsoft’s Newly-Unveiled ‘Suface’ Tablet Dethrone Apple’s iPad?

by Tanner Marshon June 19, 2012
Yesterday afternoon, during a press conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft revealed a completely new tablet – pushing them further into the hardware industry. The tablet, dubbed “Surface”, measures in at 10.6 inches, 9.3 millimeters thick (for the less powerful model); if anyone’s counting, that’s a tenth of a milimeter thinner than the iPad and weighs […]

Official Sony PlayStation Vita Review And Overview

by Tanner Marshon January 12, 2012
This is my review and overview video for the brand new Sony PS Vita (WiFi-only model). Here’s a list of the technical specifications and some additional information about the PS Vita:


Apple’s iPod Touch 5G Will Be Released In October With Minor Changes

by Tanner Marshon September 20, 2011
The image above is thought to be a “leaked” white iPod Touch 5G digitizer on a iPod Touch 4G With all of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S related news and rumors over the past few months, the 5th generation iPod Touch hasn’t gotten much attention. Well today, we have some interesting iPod Touch related […]