The CyanogenMod Team Has Made Major Progress On Their Android Port For The HP TouchPad

For those of you that want to get Android on your HP TouchPad, the CyanogenMod team has made major progress on their dual-boot port. As of now, it looks like the they’re extremely close to finishing their port because they managed to get the WiFi, sound and accelerometer components working properly.

Here’s what the video’s creator said about the status of the project:

We weren’t really planning on regular updates re: our Android Touchpad port, but it turns out that people wanted more.
As you can see, several new features have been added and are in-progress. These include wifi, accelerometer, and work-in-progress sound. (This demo uses only a single core and the “mediaserver” program is using 50% of that, which it shouldn’t.)

For those who have queried as to why we are not creating a Honeycomb port using binaries from the Android SDK — we are focused on building from the Gingerbread source to pave the way for Google’s upcoming code release of Ice Cream Sandwich.

We have also announced that any potential “bounty” the group may receive based on this porting effort will be forwarded to a charity (TBD).

With the CyanogenMod team extremely close to finishing their Android port, it’s only a matter of time until they release it and until then, stay tuned for more news and information related to their progress!