The iPhone May Adopt Wireless Charging Technology In 2013

Wireless Charging iPhone 5SAccording to Digitimes, both Apple and Samsung are planning to unveil wireless charging solutions for their “flagship” smartphones within 2013. While Digitimes’ “industry sources” claim that Samsung will most definitely utilize Qi inductive charging technology (the current inductive power standard), Apple is allegedly developing their own proprietary wireless charging technology.

Speculation of iDevices adopting wireless charging is nothing new. In the past, Apple’s senior VP of Marketing (Phil Schiller) has been questioned about wireless charging and deflected questions regarding the possibility of implementing the technology in future iOS devices.

It’s said that Samsung’s remedy for wireless charging will likely be sold as an upgraded back panel accessory that can be interchanged with the stock back cover.

Unfortunately, the report was vague when it comes to Apple, stating that they weren’t clear whether the company would build the technology directly into their devices or take the accessory approach, like Samsung is rumored to. Although, given Apple’s high-quality design standards, if they decide to include wireless charging capabilities in their next generation mobile devices, the technology will likely be built directly into said devices.

While accurately reporting on several pre-release devices in the past, Digitimes track record remains somewhat erratic and thus, as a result, the probability of Apple developing and adopting their own form of wireless charging remains unknown. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and details on any future strategies pertaining to wireless charging the company may employ.

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