The New iPad Charges Beyond 100% And Safari Scales Down Images

Apple iPad

Now that the new iPad has been out for almost a week, iLounge reports that DisplayMate has discovered odd charging behavior. Apparently the new iPad continues to charge for up to an hour after the battery indicator reads 100%.

These new findings suggest that the on-screen indicator isn’t as accurate as it should be and that even when the device is supposedly ready to be unplugged, it might need further charging.

In an email exchange with iLounge, DisplayMate President Ray Soneira indicated that the third-generation iPad—when connected to power via the included Apple 10W Power Adapter—actually continued to draw 10W of power for up to one hour after reaching what is reported by iOS as a full 100% charge

In addition to the new iPad’s strange charing behavior, Tom’s Hardware noted that Safari automatically scales large images down to a more manageable size on the new tablet.

Safari Image Scaling

During the trials preformed, huge images (up to a resolution of 10,328-by-7,760 and 80.1 MP) were automatically scaled down to lower resolutions and dropped to 1.45 megapixels or less. While it makes sense for the images to scale down over a 3G or 4G connection to conserve data, Safari also automatically scales images over Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi auto-scaling was most likely put in place to retain snappy load times on older devices and the issue will likely be corrected on the new iPad with the next minor iOS update. But for now, to circumvent scaling so the images can be viewed in their actual quality, simply save them and view them via the Photos app.

Stay tuned for more iPad related news.