Top 30 Jailbreak Tweaks Of 2011

In 2011 there were hundreds of different jailbreak tweaks released to Cydia – some free and some paid. I’ve compiled a list of the top 30 best tweaks for the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad.

Check out the video of all thirty tweaks (embedded above) as well as the written list of tweaks and their prices (listed below).

Here are tweaks in alphabetical order  (all are available via Cydia in the default repositories):

Anicons – $1.99 – Adds application icons for controlling parts of your iOS device
Anylockapp – free – Lets you change the camera app on the lockscreen to anything you want.
AppsCenter – free – Adds a notification center widget with all of your iOS applications installed.
Bigify+ – $1.99 – Lets you adjust the size, color, and more options for your app icons.
BlurriedNCBackground – free – Lets you blur the background on notification center for a cool look.
Brightness Icons – free – Adds a brightness up and down app icon for quick access to adjusting your brightness.
Cameralocker – free – Makes your camera icon on your lockscreen always visible.
Cleanstatus – free – Lets you delete and hide items from your status bar.
Color keyboard – $1.99 – Allows you to install themed keyboards with different colors.
Dreamboard – free – Theme store for installing complex themes.
Firebreak – free – Panorama mode for iOS camera.
Gesturizer – $2.99 – Lets you draw custom gestures for opening different applications and websites on your iOS device.
Gridtab – $1.50 – Redesigns the tab system in Safari into a gridded format.
iKeyWi – $1.99 – Adds a fifth row of keys on your keyboard
InstaURL – 0.99 – Lets you quickly Google search something or open a URL.
Killbackground – free – Adds a button in your multitasking tray to quickly kill all apps.
MusicCenter for Notification Center – $1.49 – Adds a music center widget in notification center for controlling music.
NCQuickDismiss – free – Adds an X on notifications to quickly dismiss them without waiting for the animation to go away.
Nowlistening – free – Adds notifications for when new songs start playing on your iOS device.
NyanSliders – free – Changes sliders on your iOS device to Nyan cat with the rainbow.
SBSettings – free – Lets you control parts of your iOS device, accessible via Notification Center.
SBStickyNotes – free – Lets you put sticky notes on your iOS springboard.
Sleepfx – $4.99 – Lock animations and sounds.
Springtomize 2 – $2.99 – Insane control over every aspect of your iOS device.
Styleunlock – free – custom methods for unlocking your device.
vWallpapers 2 – free – video wallpapers and effects for your lockscreen and homescreen wallpapers.
WAlpha – free – Allows you to change the opacity of your homescreen wallpaper.
weesearch – free *also a pro version – Widget in notification center for searching different websites.
Zephyr – $0.99 – Swiping gestures to open multitasking tray and switch between applications.

Stay tuned for coverage on more great Cydia tweaks!