TouchDroid Project Will Bring Android To The HP TouchPad

After the HP discontinued webOS and their PC line, the HP TouchPad went on sale ($99 for the 16GB version and $149 for the 32GB version). If you were lucky enough to buy one, you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to get Android on the TouchPad. The answer is no, there isn’t; however, numerous groups are working vigorously to get Android working properly on the HP TouchPad!

Rootzwiki, a popular Android hacking forum, has started working on a project called TouchDroid:

Touchdroid –Android for the HP Touchpad

Greetings, Programs!

Welcome to the official development thread of Touchdroid, by the Touchdroid team. As part of the open Android and RootzWiki communities, we want to make our Android port as open as possible, and providing development insight to all of our users. Since we are just beginning, this threads original post and two or three following posts will be reserved for future use by the team as this will be updated frequently over time.

The Touchdroid Team
Thomas Sohmers (trsohmers) —Twitteremailwebsite
Framework43 —Twitter
John Hale (rhcp011235) —Twitteremailwebsite 
Jacob Bell (ProTekk) — Twitterwebsite
Robbie Trencheny (robbiet480) —email
Erik Hardesty (dalingrin) —Twitter
Jbruchon —Twitter
k-e-v —Twitter Email Website
David Simmons (arelas) —IRC
Official Website

We are attempting to port Android to the HP Touchpad, which was originally shipped with webOS.
  • First going to build with Gingerbread and be AOSP based
  • After we are able to successfully boot Android, we are going to move to a CM7 base
  • Once we reach what we deem a “stable” beta, we will continue to provide bug fixes for Gingerbread build, but also begin working on a full Honeycomb port
  • If ICS is released before or during our development of the Honeycomb port, we will stop and begin work on ICS. (Please be October…)
This is a Development thread!
  1. Although we love your enthusiasm and support, please refrain from just posting thank you posts… this is an active development thread and you can thank us in a general discussion thread.

Thank you, and please be patient as we develop this project more, and clean up these posts.

– From the official Rootzwiki TouchDroid thread

Members of XDADevelopers are also working on a port:

An anonymous member of XDA has offered up $500 to anyone that gets Android working on the HP TouchPad. So, there ya have it 

– From an XDA thread

The team from RootzWiki has also promised to start work on porting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to the TouchPad when it’s released – that would make the TouchPad the cheapest and fastest Android tablet! Stay tuned for full coverage on the Android for TouchPad project!

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