Verizon WIll No Longer Offer Unlimited Data Plans Starting July 7th

It looks like Verizon is going through the same thing AT&T did after about two years of selling unlimited data to iPhone users. Unfortunately, Verizon will no longer offer unlimited data starting July 7th, the only difference between Verizon and AT&T is that Verizon will no longer offer unlimited data for ANY SMARTPHONE user!

According to Verizon’s spokeswoman, Brenda Raney, the new pricing is as follows:

New smartphone customers will choose from one of four options: $10 for 75 MB per month, $30 for 2 GB, $50 for 5 GB or $80 for 10 GB. There will be an overage charge of $10 per GB of data.

So if you’re thinking about upgrading to unlimited data or purchasing a new smartphone for Verizon, the time is now!