Winners Of The All Things Apple Giveaway

The All Things Apple Giveaway has ended, and after sifting through 26,688 entries, we finally have our winners and here’s how we did it:

1. We unstacked our 26688 emails containing the phrase “All Things Apple Giveaway” (12,000-13,000 each) to create over a thousand pages of entries with 20 entries per page

2. We picked two sets of numbers each (a set consists of a random page and a random email on that page) using

3. Then we cross-referenced winners with the email forms that we required to enter the giveaway to verify the eligibility of the winners.

4. After that, once we had four winners, we assigned a random number to correspond with each prize and picked random numbers to match the winners with their prizes.

The way we went about picking the winners was secure and 100% random, and it ensured that everyone who entered had a fair chance at winning.

– iCUiD & iPodUplink

Also, keep in mind that this is just a start as we have huge plans for the future!

Winners (by Youtube name):

  • wolfjosh0331 – iPhone 4S
  • Numanumadiego  – iPod Touch
  • woojin444 – iPod Nano
  • towmanster – iPod Shuffle

Stay tuned for future giveaways (there’s another one coming up VERY SOON)