Yerba Buena Center Decoration May Suggest Larger iPhone 5 Screen

four inch iPhone 5 screen

In preparation for their September 12th media event, Apple has recently finished decorating the front of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. During the event, it’s speculated that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled and a finalized (or near-finalized) version of iOS 6 will be showcased.

When looking at the image, embedded above, it appears to be an ordinary decoration with the Apple logo as the focal point. However, a closer examination reveals that it’s a possible clue as to what to except from the iPhone 5.

It appears that certain sections of the now Apple-approved Yerba Buena Center bear a close resemblance to certain iOS icons. Upon condensing and skewing the image, the familiar Game Center, iTunes and Music icons become apparent.

Yerba Buena Center Decoration May Suggest Larger iPhone 5 Screen

Interestingly enough, the first Game Center icon in the above images is inverted – could this suggest that Apple will finally allow the homescreen on the iPhone to operate in multiple orientations? Additional speculation and conjecture leads to a possible theory as to why Apple decided to elongate the icons: Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 with a vertically enhanced, 4-inch screen (measuring diagonally).

Moreover, roosternugget (a forum member at MacRumors) suggests that the Stocks and Safari are also visible and certain icons are repeated in the decoration.

iphone 5 yerba buena center

Whatever Apple may or may not be implying with the entryway to the Yerba Buena Center, stay tuned for live coverage on the September 12th media event, which will commence promptly at 10:00 AM Pacific time (1:00 PM Eastern).

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